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Morrisons Gibraltar charters plane to bring in ´Anti-Brexit Menu´


Morrisons in Gibraltar specially chartered a plane to bring in ham, pâté, cheese, and desserts to avoid Brexit rules this Christmas

The supermarket took delivery of 20 tons of food by air to overcome customs obstacles, a consequence of leaving the European Union.

Items on the ´Anti-Brexit Menu´ included traditional favourites such as roasted ham, sausages wrapped in bacon, pâtés, cheese boards, and assorted desserts. This could be on the Christmas menu in any house in Gibraltar- and such it has been called the Anti-Brexit Menu.

Morrisons supermarket decided to charter two planes with these products to fill its shelves. Normally they have them delivered by road from the United Kingdom but with spiralling fuel costs, it was considered just too expensive.

Brexit caused changes to the supply routes and customs procedures for the importation into Gibraltar of certain animal products imported from the United Kingdom.

Video and image: GBC News

A spokesman for the supermarket said that management was aware that their customers had not been able to enjoy some of their favourite festive foods in recent years, so they decided to organize this “extra special delivery,” which will not involve any extra cost for buyers. The supermarket said it would absorb all the air transportation charges. 

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