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Farm Worker in Sevilla Dies After Ditch Fall Causes Landslide


A worker died this Tuesday, December 27, after suffering a fall into a ditch on a farm in the Sevilla municipality of Carmona

This was reported by the Emergencias 112 of Andalucía, a service attached to the Ministry of the Presidency, Public Administration, and Interior of the community.

The accident occurred on a farm located on the A-462 road at around 11:15 this morning, when several workers were carving out a trench and one of them fell in, causing a landslide that left him buried, according to witnesses who alerted the 112 services.

At the scene were members of the Sevilla Provincial Council, the Guardia Civil, the Local Police, and the 061 Health Emergency Centre, who intervened to confirm the death of the 58-year-old man.

The required judicial protocol has been activated to establish the causes of the accident. The 112 coordinating centre has reported the accident to the Occupational Risk Prevention Center and the Labour Inspectorate.

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