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Hide and Seek Drug Traffickers Arrested by Police in Malaga

drugs gandg malaga maritime containers
The Guardia Civil arrested all six members of the gang. Image: Guardia Civil

The Guardia Civil have arrested a group of six drug traffickers who were experts in hiding large amounts of drugs in maritime containers

Officers detained all six members of the gang that specialised in hiding drugs in maritime containers. They have been charged with crimes of belonging to a criminal organisation, drug trafficking, document falsification, and identity theft.

The men were experts in hiding large amounts of drugs in sea containers shipped to other European countries, mainly the United Kingdom, according to a Guardia Civil statement.

The network operated from a farm in the town of Alhaurín de la Torre (Málaga) where they modified the containers to create a false bottom at the base of the structure to hide the drugs. The only way to access the drugs was to uncouple the container from the articulated truck.

Subsequently, the containers were transported to a warehouse located in the Guadalhorce industrial estate in Malaga where they loaded the truck with the drugs. From there, they were sent to the United Kingdom by sea.

Investigating officers discovered numerous materials and machinery for the manufacture of double bottoms in mattresses, suitcases, or pallets that they used to transport drugs and money.

In addition, the gang even had an X-ray scanner of the type commonly used in airports and customs controls with which they inspected double bottoms to find out in advance if they could be detected.

One of the members of the organisation, who had been arrested whilst trying to flee, had more than 150,000 euros in cash and various incriminating documents on his person.

In the raid, the Guardia Civil seized 900 kilos of hashish, more than 40 kilos of marijuana, 13 vehicles, and an indoor marijuana plantation with more than 1,700 plants which was later destroyed.

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