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A collection of current news articles from Murcia, a university city located in southeastern Spain 

Fire at the Andalucian Parliament of Murcia

A fire ripped through the premises of the Andalucian Parliament premises in the early hours (2.45 am) of Thursday, December 29. The building, located in the street next to the Romea Theater, was ravaged by flames, leaving the ‘The Cathedral of Tapeo’ barren and unable to carry on business after 25 years of being a popular tapas bar in the city.

Thankfully, there were no workers on the premises as significant material damage was caused by the flames. The walls and ceiling have been completely burned out. A total of thirteen Murcia firefighters were called to the scene.

Man trapped in an overturned vehicle

Murcia firefighters were called out to the Poligino of San Ginés to an accident that occurred around a quarter past one in the afternoon after two vehicles were involved in a head-on collision. Fortunately, only one of the drivers suffered light injuries and managed to get out of the car in which he was trapped.

An ambulance, Local Police, Civil Guard, and nine firefighters travelled to the scene of the accident.

Murcia Tram users give a thumbs-up to the service

The Tram Service in Murcia has been given an overall satisfaction index of 8.6 out of 10 from the passengers surveyed. 98% of those surveyed said they are satisfied or very satisfied with the service, and 53.7% said they are very satisfied. these figures confirm the high level of user satisfaction with the service.

A total of 604 people were surveyed, which represents a confidence level of 95%. Among the profiles used for the survey, 59.6% were students from the University of Murcia, UCAM, schools, institutes, and regulated education centers-, followed by 21.5% of workers. 72.3% of those surveyed are residents of Murcia city, and 19.9% ​​were from the local districts.

The Murcia Pass stands out as among the most widely used transport tickets, with 40.4%, followed by the Unlimited Travel Student Unibono (14.1% UMU students, 2.6% UCAM students) and the Murcia Student Pass (14. 4%).

A new mobile payment app was introduced this year on an experimental basis among the university community. More than 76% of the tram users said they are in favour of using the new application.

Lorca Hoteliers need staff

Hoteliers in Lorca are in search of 500 professionals who want to earn more than 1,000 euros a month. Staff required are waiters, kitchen workers, room and cleaning assistants, and receptionists.

The president of the Professional Association of Hospitality of Lorca and its Region, Hostelor, Jesús Abellaneda, said “We need kitchen staff, room assistants, cleaners, waiters, and receptionists .” The President made the request Tuesday, December 27, stating that ” between 500 and 1,000 workers are needed in the hospitality industry.”

Abellaneda admitted that the money offered to get the workers in bars, restaurants, cafeterias, and hotels is not really sufficient, complaining:

“We don’t find qualified people to work in our businesses”, pointing out that students taking the Cooking Degree at the San Juan Bosco Institute of Secondary Education, enter the profession as soon as they complete their courses- filling all vacancies immediately.

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