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Tech: Teleworking in a Universe Mobile Office


Tech: Hyundai revolutionizes the concept of teleworking with the revealing of the Universe Mobile Office

The company has unveiled its innovative Universe Mobile Office vehicle, based on the luxury Universe passenger bus, and not only offers spaces to work individually, but also to work as a team.

Imagine travelling around Spain, or even Europe and the world, in a super-comfortable mobile office loaded with all the high-tech gadgets and facilities available.

Well, now you can! Hyundai Motor Company has announced the launch of its Universe Mobile Office, a variant of its Universe luxury passenger bus for the Korean market that allows work teams to remain fully productive while on the go, or when in remote locations. The first time the company revealed the mobile office with several independent workspaces was at the Seoul Mobility Show in 2021, then it was just a prototype, but now it is a reality.

The Universe Mobile Office is based on the pre-existing Universe luxury passenger bus and will be offered in a handful of guises. These include a 10-seater, 12-seater 13-seater (12+1) with a collaboration space in the front, 13-seater (12+1) with expanded office space, and a 13-seater (11+1+1) with separate seat configurations.

Hyundai says it developed the Universe Mobile Office as a smart mobility solution and wants to lead the motor coach sector with this model.

The group collaboration space at the front is particularly noteworthy because it features a video conferencing system, a foldable conference table, sofa seating, and custom-made storage. Meanwhile, the personal workspaces feature reclining seats, tables, wireless phone charging pads, individual entertainment systems, and personal storage spaces. Think business class seating on a long international flight, but in a bus.

The cabin of the luxurious passenger bus includes three distinct seating areas with a host of luxurious amenities, including semi-automatic blinds and light-colored laminated floors. The Universe Mobile Office is also well-suited to collaborative and solo work with collaboration spaces in the front and rear and personal workspaces in the middle.

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