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La Peza City Council in Granada denounces illegal rave

The illegal rave is being allowed to continue. image: YouTube scrn shot

The La Peza City Council has denounced an illegal rave party in Granada that has amassed over a thousand people since December 30

According to The La Peza City Council, the party lacks the necessary authorisation, causing disturbances to road traffic, and continues to generate noise and that can be heard several kilometers away. The festival is being held on an area of rustic land owned by the council.

The mayor, Fernando Álvarez, said, “Overnight they set up a camp that has multiplied the number of people in the town.” The biggest problem for the residents has been the traffic because the access roads to the municipality and to the surrounding houses were not prepared for the 300 to 400 vehicles that arrived almost suddenly in the area.

The meeting was arranged through social networks and messaging apps. Image: Instagram

The Guardia Civil has been in charge of organising traffic, setting up diversions, and closing routes, to prevent people from congregating and to minimize any disruption to road users.

At the moment, around 300 vehicles remain parked in the area, most of them caravans and motorhomes.

In addition, officers are in charge of security tasks such as alcohol and drug consumption checks on drivers, looking for the sale of any narcotic substances, and watching for the environmental impact of this party in which, three days on, about a thousand people are still concentrated.

The police have specified that control of the area is being maintained but that, for security reasons and in view of the large number of people that have gathered, they have decided not to evict the participants- yet!

What is an illegal rave?

Illegal raves, also known as underground parties or unlicensed music events, are events that are held without the necessary permits or licenses from local authorities. These events can be organized in a variety of settings, including warehouses, abandoned buildings, and open fields. Illegal raves can be dangerous for a number of reasons, including the risk of violence and drug-related issues, as well as the potential for damage to property.

It is generally not recommended to attend illegal raves, as they can be unsafe and may be shut down by law enforcement. It is always a good idea to attend events that have been properly planned and licensed, as they are typically safer and more organized.

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