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Barricaded man in Valencia threatened gas explosion


A man in Valencia barricaded himself in his home and threatened to ignite a butane gas bottle if police entered the house

The Guardia Civil together with the Local Police Valencian district of La Torre have arrested a man for assaulting his roommate inside a house and trying to set off an explosion.

On December 31, the Guardia Civil switchboard received notice of a case of threatening behaviour at around 6:00 p.m. When officers first arrived at the door of the building, the individual threatened them and refused to open the door.

A few minutes later, officers from the Valencia Local Police arrived, and, at that moment, a woman began shouting for help from another window of the house- telling police that the man was trying to cause an explosion in the house using a butane canister.

The woman’s children, ages 11 and 12, arrived at the house and officers had to remove them to keep them away from any possible danger.

The police operation

Given the fact that both the woman and the neighbours could suffer serious harm from the explosion of a butane cylinder, the Guardia Civil and the Local Police made the decision to enter the house.

Once they were inside, the man ran to the kitchen and barricaded himself in, and lodged furniture at the door to prevent the agents from gaining access. When the police eventually managed to force open the kitchen door, they spotted the man with a lighter in his hand and the gas turned on with the intention of causing an explosion.

After a scuffle, the officers managed to subdue the individual and arrest him. Moments later, they released the woman from the locked room.

The man, a 25-year-old Brazilian, has been charged with the crime of mistreatment of the family, and the case file was delivered to the Court of Violence against Women Number 1 of Valencia for a trial date to be set.

The dangers of butane gas cylinders

Butane gas cylinders can be very dangerous if they are not handled properly.

Here are some precautions that should be taken when using butane gas cylinders:

  1. Keep the cylinder in a well-ventilated area away from any sources of heat or flame.
  2. Never store a butane gas cylinder in a confined space (gas accumulation) or in direct sunlight (heat exposure)
  3. Do not use butane gas cylinders near open flames or any other ignition sources.
  4. Never leave a butane gas cylinder unattended when it is in use (switch off the supply lever on the cap).
  5. Make sure that the cylinder is properly secured and cannot be knocked over (cover fixed properly on the back of the fire if portable)
  6. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the proper use and handling of the cylinder- Read The Manual!

If you follow these precautions, you can help to ensure that butane gas cylinders are used safely. However, it is important to note that there is always a risk of explosion or fire when using flammable gases, so it is important to be cautious and follow all safety guidelines.


Valencia is a city located on the eastern coast of Spain. It is the capital of the province of Valencia, as well as the third-largest city in the country. Valencia is known for its rich history, which can be seen in its many landmarks and cultural attractions such as the City of Arts and Sciences, the Central Market, and the Colón Market. The city is also known for its beaches and Mediterranean climate, making it a popular tourist destination. In addition to its tourism industry, Valencia is also an important economic hub in Spain, with a thriving port and a strong focus on innovation and technology.

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