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Three Kings Parade tragedy leaves one dead and 12 injured


The Three Kings Parade in the Sevillian town of Marchena has left one dead and twelve injured after a tractor pulling the float lost control

One person is dead and twelve have been injured after a tractor pulling Baltasars’ float lost control land plowed through the crowd that had lined the streets to watch the procession.

The accident occurred when the parade was passing through Calle Las Torres in the town, one of the main and most central roads in the municipality. Around 8:15 p.m., the emergency coordination center received several calls from the public warning that a tractor had lost control in the Plaza de San Andrés

‘The vehicle lost control’

According to witnesses, as Baltasar’s carriage was about to turn the corner into Calle La Mina, the vehicle that was pulling it lost control, apparently due to a brake failure, and crashed into people closest to the float.

First, several of the musicians who accompanied Baltasar were pushed to the ground on the sidewalk Calle Las Torres, where the deceased, a 72-year-old woman, was watching the procession.

One of the witnesses who saw the tractor coming from the front said to the police, “I saw people falling one after the other.”

The vehicle finally stopped after hitting the facade of a house on Las Torres street. Some men tried to lift the machine freehand to rescue those who had been trapped below.

Two emergency teams and two more ambulances immediately travelled to the scene, including the Local Police of Marchena and the Guardia Civil. Firefighters also had to intervene, as someone had been trapped between the wheels of the tractor.


According to the emergency services, there is one death (a woman in her 70s) and five injuries, including three seriously, including a minor. The child, a two-year-old boy, suffered a head injury and has since been transferred to the Virgen del Rocío Children’s Hospital in Sevilla and another very seriously injured older person has been transferred to the Traumatology Unit of the same hospital.

The other casualties were referred to the Osuna Hospital, several people had to be treated for shock.

A police check on the driver for alcohol and drugs came back negative.

Another similar accident happened 10 years ago in Malaga during the Three Kings parade when a six-year-old boy died after jumping under a float after escaping from his parents’ control to look for sweets.

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