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Tractor driver that plowed into Three Kings crowd hailed as hero


The driver of a tractor that was pulling the float in a Three Kings parade in Sevilla that lost control, killing one and injuring 12, has been hailed as a hero by the local mayor

“He avoided a much greater misfortune”: the mayoress of Marchena, María del Mar Romero, believes that the driver of the float is a “hero”

The counselor published her message on her social networks, expressing her desire that the tractor driver “get out of the emotional collapse” that he has suffered since the accident and that he “get over” what happened.

A video posted on Twitter shows the tragic event as the tractor smashes into the crowd on January 5- Warning contains graphic scenes.

An initial investigation suggests that the event was caused by a mechanical failure in the tractor. In her public appearance that she made on January 6, the councilor herself pointed out that the driver maneuvered so that the vehicle (out of control on a downhill street) turned towards the area of ​​the street where there was less public, in an attempt to minimize the consequences of the accident. 
The four people who are still hospitalised, including a 2-year-old boy, remain in a stable condition.
“Until now I have not had the ability to express myself through networks,” said Romero, for whom “it is impossible to describe what I feel.” “It is difficult – it abounds – to digest and manage” what happened. “I am sorry that our neighbour Loli has left us like this, in such a tremendous and unfair way,” in reference to the 73-year-old woman who died that fateful night.
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