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Care homes want masks worn indoors and visitors meetings held outdoors


Care homes in Spains’ Andalucia are asking that the wearing of masks be made mandatory indoors and that visitor meetings should be kept outdoors

The proposal will be presented at the next Interterritorial Health Committee meeting.

The Federation of Andalucian Organisations for the Elderly (FOAM) advocates that masks are made mandatory indoors and that visits should always be made outdoors, or, if this is not possible, in well-ventilated inside areas.

The Federation cited the advance of Covid, which has motivated the Board to convene for next week a meeting of the Regional Committee for High Impact on Public Health, better known as the ‘Committee of experts’ of the coronavirus Covid-19, precisely to address “preventive measures “, especially in these vulnerable care homes.

FOAM said it considers the proposal “correct and timely”.

“If on other occasions the Board had reacted late and had done it wrong, this time we have to say that they are doing it on time,” said its president, Martín Duran, who added, “We believe that a recommendation is not enough, it must be made mandatory, because it is true that there will surely be a significant rebound in Covid and maximum precautions must be taken.”

Duran also remarked that the World Health Organization (WHO) has just recommended the very same action for car homes in light of the rapid spread of the latest Kraken Covid variation, XBB.1.5.

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