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Ex-partner confesses to murder of beheaded woman in Marbella


The ex-partner of a woman found floating off a beach in Spain’s Marbella has confessed to her murder

A 45-year-old Colombian national, who has been in police custody since Monday morning, has confessed to killing his 46-year-old ex-partner (also of Colombian nationality) and beheading her before dumping her lifeless body into the sea.

He was arrested early on Monday, initially for violating a restraining order that the judicial authority in Marbella had imposed on him after a complaint made by the woman for ill-treatment. A statement by the relatives revealed that the woman had finished a five-month relationship in November 2022 but had received threats from him.

A sentence, handed down to the man by the Court for Violence against Women in Marbella in December, included a sentence of six months in prison -suspended for two years due to the agreement with the prosecution- and another 16 months of prohibition of communication and approach to the victim.

According to reports from the police, the woman’s hands had been removed in an attempt to avoid identification of the body. There was also a large cut across the woman’s abdomen.

A friend of the suspect was arrested on Wednesday as an accomplice after allegedly transporting the man and the woman to a beach area for the hideous crime to be carried out. The vehicle used in the crime was recovered from an address in the capital Madrid.

His friend allegedly took the coupleshe was still alive at this point – in a van to the location where the homicide took place.

The area was close to Las Cañas de Marbella, near Club 200 restaurant, located between the towns of Elviria and Las Chapas. A police forensic team has carried out a visual inspection of the beach to look for body parts and traces of blood.

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Headless corpse found floating on a beach in Marbella

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