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Storm Fien to bring rain, snow, and high winds


Aemet has forecast the arrival of Storm Fein which is expected to bring with its arrival heavy rains, some snow, and high winds

As of this Sunday, January 15, temperatures are unusually low in parts of the Peninsula’s center and north but are expected to rise in the Mediterranean region to highs of 18 degrees. The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) prediction indicates that fifteen provinces are vulnerable to snowfall, waves, and high winds.

A polar wave will arrive on Monday and the situation does not appear to get better as the week goes on. This means that the season has already had six main effects, with stormy seas, high winds, and snow forecast to follow.

The first big storm of this winter will affect a large part of Spain from Monday, January 16. The state weather agency has named it Fien, although the French have decided to use another name- Gerard.

The changes will become more noticeable as the days go by, although the colder air and an increase in snowfall will be more noticeable in the middle of the week. Wind speeds can exceed 100 kilometers per hour, creating strong waves that will affect areas, especially on the north coast. peninsular and the Mediterranean and intense cold will be felt.

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