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Cruise passengers ‘highly rate’ Alicante

A survey has revealed that cruise passengers visiting the port city of Alicante ‘highly rate’ Spain’s southeastern Costa Blanca

Three factors are particularly important to cruise guests when they arrive in Alicante: the weather, safety, and dining options. The most recent satisfaction study, which was created by the Alicante Association for Cruise Tourism in partnership with the Alicante City&Beach Tourist Board, shows that the city’s tourist offer is between good and very good in terms of both infrastructure and public services.

The Tourist Board said that above 4 in 16 of the 20 areas covered by the survey scored higher than average.

The poll was conducted between November and December 2022. The typical cruise traveller during this time frame is a 52.4-year-old man who travels with a partner and spends 61 euros per day on average in the city. Men make up 68.89% of the total and women 31.11%. 53.3% of travellers are a couple, followed by 13.3% with friends, 11% with relatives, and 8.89% alone.

The average expenditure amounts to 61 euros. By type of expense, the cruise passenger spends an average of 78 euros on dining in the city, 66 on ‘shopping’, 52 euros on souvenirs and 48 on the purchase of local products.

The deputy mayor and head of the Tourist Board, Mari Carmen Sánchez, said that “these surveys are very useful to know the image that cruise passengers, the main destination prescribers, take from our city and they are very positive.”

“There is always room for improvement and we continue to work to offer the most satisfactory experience possible so that the cruise passenger who spends a day in the city returns on vacation and recommends it to family and friends, as is already happening,” adds Sánchez.

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