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Yellow and Orange Alerts issued for Alicante’s northern coast


The state meteorological agency has activated yellow and orange alerts for strong coastal phenomena on the north coast of Alicante

Areas of Alicante are once again blanketed in snow. The province experienced snowfall in various locations just a week ago, and this Monday, February 6, it saw the flakes fall once again. In the surroundings of Menejador, the highest point in Font Roja de Alcoy, the scene could not be more wintry.

This situation will persist throughout the week as the snow line will move around 1,000 meters in altitude, according to Aemet, so it is not unlikely that scenes like the one experienced this Monday in the L’Alcoià natural park will be repeated in the coming days.

For the moment, the official weather prediction organization has not issued an alert for significant snowfall accumulations during the coming hours, something that the provinces of Valencia and Castellón are facing.

This week is expected to be cold and unpleasant, fully winter-like, with clouds, precipitation, a sea storm with 4-meter waves and strong easterly and Gregal winds. In other words, the Alicante coast won’t escape the storms. This time, the worst affected area of the province is the north coast, where Aemet has activated the yellow alert.

The main reason is that the area is facing gusts of wind from the northeast that reach speeds from 45 to 55 kilometres per hour, with strengths 6 to 7. Furthermore, the waves reach three meters in height.

The cause of this easterly storm is a powerful high-pressure system that extends from the north of the Azores, through central Europe to Russia. Southern of the high-pressure system, polar continental air masses with maritime trajectories at the end of their path is entering.

Aemet has given the “storm cycle” a new name: The #BorrascaIsaack. It is the ninth of the season and will result in an intense Mediterranean storm with wind, rough seas, heavy rains, and snowfall at low altitudes, especially on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th.

Strong coastal phenomena refer to intense weather events that occur along the coast, typically caused by strong winds and high waves. These events can include storms, hurricanes, and other meteorological phenomena that bring strong winds, heavy rainfall, and high waves to coastal areas. They can pose significant risks to coastal communities and infrastructure, including damage to buildings, flooding, and beach erosion.

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