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Alicante coast battered by Storm Isaac


Alicante’s northern coastal areas are being battered by very strong waves caused by the powerful Storm Isaac

Storm Isaac is intensifying as time passes. Its wind strength and maritime power are surpassing initial predictions now posing a serious threat to the entire northern coast of the province. Communities along the Marina Alta are bracing for the worst in the coming hours, as the sea level may rise by 15 to 30 centimetres.

The alert level has been raised to orange by the State Meteorological Agency (Amet) due to waves reaching up to four meters in height, observed in the early hours of Monday to Tuesday.

The maritime storm has brought intense rainfall to the interior regions of Marina Alta, l’Alcoià, and El Comtat. Snowfall, which started to fall at the top of Font Roja on Monday, continues at altitudes between 900-1,000 meters.

In recent hours, significant showers have been reported in towns such as Pego (45.6), La Vall de Laguar (36.6), Murla (31.2), Beniarrés (27.8), Guadalest (26.8), among others. Click on the Twitter link below, when it opens there is a translate option.

The situation is dire, particularly in coastal towns. The storm has completely ravaged the Bassets beach in Dénia, according to municipal sources. The strong waves have destroyed the few remaining structures in a housing development in Les Marines, which had previously withstood storms like Gloria but could not withstand Isaac.

The area was already lacking sand as previous sea waves had already ravaged this portion of the Alicante coast. The outcome of the new storm is yet to be seen and will not subside for at least another two to three days.

Aemet maintains its orange alert for waves reaching up to 4 meters with a northeast wind blowing at 50 to 60 km/h (force 7). The rise in sea level by 15 to 30 cm caused by the storm should also be taken into consideration.

On Wednesday, February 8, waves of up to 3 meters are expected to continue with a northeast wind blowing at 45 to 55 km/h (force 6 to 7). Accumulated precipitation of up to 60 mm over 12 hours is anticipated, primarily affecting the La Marina Alta and La Safor regions.

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