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Freezing cold temperatures and rain forecast for Valencia

Freezing cold Valencia

Aemet, the state meteorological agency, has forecast ice-cold temperatures with a high probability of rain for Valencia

The morning of Monday, February 13, started with polar cold weather in Spain’s Valencia. So much so, that in the towns of the metropolitan area of ​​Valencia and several regions such as Camp de Túria woke up with very low temperatures, with minimum values ​​​​between 0.5 degrees and 1 degree.

As reported by the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), there have been frosts in the interior of the province of -2 degrees in the region of Utiel-Requena .

On Tuesday, February 14, Valencia is expected to experience a significant shift in weather conditions. The city will be hit by both polar cold and rain. The sky will have a cloudy appearance, with the possibility of scattered drizzle or rainfall throughout the day, as predicted by the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

According to Aemet, minimum temperatures in Valencia may either remain unchanged or experience a slight decline, while maximum temperatures will remain unchanged. Aemet also forecasts frost in the northern interior areas, with weaker and more isolated occurrences in other interior regions.

There will be moderate east and south winds along the Alicante coast, and weaker winds elsewhere.

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