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Alicante cafe charges 10 cents for an ice cube!


A woman in Alicante posted a copy of the bill itemising a charge of 10 cents for an ice cube on Twitter which quickly went viral

The customer in question is expressing her outrage after being charged 10 cents for a single cube of ice in her coffee. The story has quickly gone viral on social media after she posted a copy of her bill on Twitter (below).

The woman was at a cafe in the city of Alicante, enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend. After being handed the bill, she noticed that she had been charged 10 cents for a cube of ice in her coffee. She couldn’t believe it and thought it was a mistake.

Feeling frustrated, she posted a picture of the bill on Twitter with the caption “Charging me for a cube of ice in my coffee… Seriously?” Within a few hours, her tweet had gone viral, with many people expressing their shock and outrage at the situation.

The cafe in question has yet to comment on the situation. However, many people on social media have shared their own experiences of being overcharged for small items in cafes and restaurants, with some suggesting that it is becoming a common practice.

The incident has raised questions about the ethics of charging customers for small items that should be considered part of the service. Many have argued that it is unreasonable and unfair to charge customers for small items, especially without informing them in advance.

As the story continues to gain traction, it remains to be seen how the cafe will respond. It also serves as a reminder to all businesses to be transparent and upfront with their customers about their pricing policies to avoid similar incidents in the future.

In conclusion, while it may seem like a minor incident, the fact that it has gone viral on social media highlights the importance of transparency and fairness in business practices. Charging customers for small items without informing them in advance is unethical and should be avoided.

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