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Mitja Marató de Barcelona 2023 attracts record number of runners


The Mitja Marató de Barcelona 2023 attracted more than 21,000 runners making it one of the most successful events in its history

A total of 21,477 runners attended the marathon – the second highest number in its history – with 34% female representation, totalling 7,350 women, the highest number ever recorded, and one-third of foreign origin.

With these impressive figures, a new edition of the Barcelona 2023 Edreams Half Marathon was presented. The event has now definitively left the pandemic behind and was celebrated without any kind of restriction and in a festive atmosphere reminiscent of its greatest period of splendour, which ranged from 2015 to 2020

The runners completed the 21.097-kilometre route through the center of Barcelona on a splendid day for competing – starting with a cool temperature and not excessively high at the finish, and also without the moderate wind affecting their performances.

The Barcelona Mitja circuit stands out for being one of the fastest globally. In this same enclave, the women’s world record was broken twice in a row (in 2014 and 2015, by the Kenyan Florence Kiplagat) and this year the expected objective is to reduce the time of the route in both the men’s and women’s categories. the feminine.

The race has only recently finished, please check back today for winners details.

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