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New rules for passengers at Valencia Airport in 2024


Security measures regarding laptops and liquids at Spain’s Valencia airport will change in 2024 due to the installation of new 3D scanners

Passengers at Valencia airport will not need to deposit electronic devices and liquids in trays in 2024. State airport operator, Aena, is going to install new 3D scanners at security controls that will allow luggage to be inspected with them inside.

The airport operator has confirmed that the machines with the new technology will first be installed at the Madrid-Barajas and Barcelona-El Prat airports, which presently handle 40% of passenger traffic,

At the end of 2024, the machines will be installed in Palma, after which they will be placed across the rest of the airports in the network.

Aena will put out several tenders for the acquisition of new X-ray technology equipment that generates a 3D image, which will be operational at the end of 2023 or early 2024. The measure is part of a modernisation plan of security controls at Spanish airports, with which Aena hopes to speed up the flow of passengers and which also includes the deployment of biometric access systems.

The organisation also intends to implement automated lines for the management of hand luggage (ATRS) and a remote inspection system (Remote), which allows security guards to carry out their work from a room, without the need to physically be in the security filter.

The ATRS allows suspicious bags to be separated from those that are not, and the management and return of trays automatically, without the passenger having to worry about them.

Current restrictions at Valencia Airport

Passengers travelling from Valencia Airport in Spain must present any liquids they are carrying to the airport staff at security checkpoints for examination. Jackets and coats must be taken off and screened separately. All passengers must also wear face masks in the airport and in public transport. Aena, the leading airport operator in Spain, has obtained the Safe Airport accreditation from ACI for its 46 airports[1].

Valencia Airport operates routes to many European destinations and has a good selection of restaurants, cafés and shops for travelers[2]. Additionally, there is a lost and found office and baggage wrapping machine available on the first floor[3].

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