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Police in Spain’s Costa Blanca arrest crooked employees


A Benidorm gaming saloon worker and Alicante delivery driver have been arrested by police for alleged theft

An employee at a gaming saloon in Benidorm, aged 31, was found guilty of stealing €18,992 from her employer. Suspicion arose when cash register read-outs did not match and the owner reviewed security footage, revealing the employee’s dishonest acts.

The footage also showed the employee using the stolen funds to gamble on the premises. The Policia Nacional arrested her for misappropriation, and she has since been bailed by a Villajoyosa court.

In a separate case, a 34-year-old delivery driver for a parcel company in Alicante was caught stealing 12 packages worth €1,588. To avoid suspicion, he took packages assigned for delivery by his colleagues.

After complaints from customers about missing packages, the company manager set a trap and placed two “dummy” packages on the “send list,” which the employee took home. The Policia Nacional (National Police) were informed of the theft, and the worker was granted bail by an Alicante judge.

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