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“We Are Water” Exhibition Boasts Europe’s Largest LED Tunnel


Madrid’s “We Are Water” Exhibition Takes Visitors on a Mesmerizing Sensory Journey Through the Wonders of Water

The conservation, scarcity and excess of water each day acquire greater importance in the day-to-day lives of all citizens. In fact, the vital liquid will become the undisputed protagonist of 2023 since the General Assembly of the United Nations has convened the Conference for Water, which will begin on the 22nd, World Water Day, and will end on the 24th of March.

For this reason, the Fundación Canal has decided to open the exhibition ‘Somos Agua’, which promises to be quite an experience and will take attendees on a journey through the world of water.

The exhibition shows “everything you want to know about water and would never have imagined”, from the number of litres of water needed to produce the food that is inside the refrigerator or the clothes that people use every day. It also speaks to visitors about the beauty of water: the great rivers such as the Duero or the Ganges, the landscapes created by water, such as glaciers, or the marvellous and delicate ecosystem of the oceans. 

Those who wish to attend will also have the opportunity to walk on a gigantic map of Madrid, listen to a storm and the waves of the sea and immerse themselves under the longest LED tunnel in Europe while observing marine fauna and flora. In other words, the exhibition offers visitors a journey through the world of water, from the source of a river, staged with the precipitation that falls into a large pond, to its mouth in the sea.

Journey through the water cycle

During the trip, visitors will follow the more than 17,000 kilometres of Canal Isabel II pipelines that carry water from its source, in the north of the Community of Madrid, to homes. You will also be surprised by powerful images such as a twenty-foot-tall human body showing how water “beats” inside people. In addition, those who attend will have the opportunity to learn simple ways to save water at home.

The exhibition, associated with the vital responsibilities fulfilled by Canal Isabel II as the overseer of the complete water cycle in Madrid, caters to all age groups. It features a diverse range of attractions, including a pond where young visitors can witness the birth of a river and an aquarium showcasing hippos and crocodiles.

Additionally, there is a colossal globe and three smaller spheres that demonstrate, proportionally, the total water, freshwater, and consumable water available on Earth.

The exhibition “Somos Agua” offers an interactive map of Madrid’s parks on the ground, allowing children to walk and explore the city’s green spaces.

Additionally, a striking 12-meter projection showcases the route from Plaza de Castilla to the dams and reservoirs supplying the region with water, creating an immersive experience for kids.

The exhibition’s largest LED tunnel simulates the ocean floor, providing a glimpse of marine life and the hazards they face, such as plastic pollution.

Beyond these visual delights, “Somos Agua” also features advanced technology with 80 audiovisual productions projected on 86-inch screens, making it one of the most technologically advanced exhibitions at Sala Castellana 214. This marks the sixteenth exhibition hosted by Canal in this venue, which was established as a space for large-format exhibitions.

The exhibition also includes two workshops: one for children aged 6 to 9, titled “Water through the Senses”, which offers educational activities and fun experiments to nurture their inner scientists. The other workshop, “How Much Water Does a Tomato Drink”, targets children aged 10 to 12, encouraging them to build a mini-garden and comprehend the significance of water in agriculture and food production.

The exhibition is situated in the subterranean water tank beneath Parque Cuarto Depósito in Plaza de Castilla and charges an entry fee of 5 euros.

It will be accessible to the public until June 30, 2023, from Monday to Sunday, between 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and on Tuesdays, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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