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Four-day working week to be trialled in Valencia


The city of VALENCIA in Spain is to trial a four-day working week to test its long-term viability

Valenician Mayor Joan Ribo has revealed a plan to pilot a new scheme for a period of one month, from April 10 to May 3, coinciding with four bank holidays. The initiative aims to assess the impact on workers, the environment, and other relevant factors.

The trial intends to test the hypothesis that reducing the working week is beneficial for personal health, the environment, and productivity. Sr Ribo explained that the study will be managed by the municipal innovation centre and local statistics department.

It will involve conducting interviews with employees and employers, and also carry out C02 emission tests to determine the potential environmental advantages of the scheme. The results of the study are anticipated to be published in July.

The interviews will inquire about the use of the extra free time, participation in physical exercise, cultural activities, reading habits, and how the reduction of working hours has affected their overall health.

Results from the world’s largest test of a  four-day workweek reveal a  significant reduction in stress levels and sick leave: 71% of employees report less “burnout” and 39% report being less stressed than at the start of the trial, according to a report from the University of Cambridge.

The research was carried out by a team of social scientists from the University of Cambridge, in collaboration with academics from Boston College in the United States and the think tank  Autonomy. The trial was organized by  4 Day Week Global in collaboration with the UK 4 Day Week Campaign.

Sixty-one UK  companies have committed to a 20% reduction in working hours for all staff, some 2,900 people, with no decrease in wages, for a period of six months from June 2022. The big Most companies also maintained full-time productivity goals.

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