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Exports from Valencia rise to €3.3 billion!


Exports from the Valencia region increased by 13.2% in January compared with the same month last year, according to the ministry for trade

Valenciaport, Spain’s third-largest port, handles 40% of the country’s import/export traffic, and its 2022 data reflects the decline in global economic activity due to the war in Ukraine, rising neo-protectionism, inflation, and fuel prices.

The port handled 79.36 million tonnes of goods in 2022, a 6.92% drop from the previous year. However, automobile traffic increased by 22.25%, with passenger traffic increasing by 48.67% for regular lines and 376% for cruise passengers.

Container traffic decreased by 9.85% to 5,052,272 TEUs, mainly in transit containers, which decreased by 16.81% to 2,059,665 units, while empty containers fell by 5.54%.

Meanwhile, full cargo containers fell by 7.59% to nearly one million. The decrease in the export traffic, coupled with the minimal increase in imports, was due to the economic health of Valencia’s hinterland and the slowdown in production and consumption.

Valenciaport maintained its 40% share of Spain’s import/export traffic. Valenciaport’s data shows that the United States is the country’s preferred partner, with an increase of 9.43%, and China has the most TEUs, despite a fall of 13.32%.

In terms of goods, liquid bulk had a 50.44% increase, with natural gas reaching 4,118,575 tonnes. Solid bulk increased by 4.45%, and non-containerized cargo maintained the same quota as in 2021. Containerized cargo decreased by 12.33%.

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