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‘Sneaky’ DGT uses unmarked radar detection vehicles


The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has denied rumours that its ‘Sneaky’ agents have taken to camouflaged vans to catch speeding motorists

However, a report by NUIS, reveals that these vans are usually white, black, or blue in colour, and their number plates are ordinary like those of a normal car. 

According to the DGT, the radars in the vans are the main devices used by the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) to identify offenders who exceed speed limits, use mobile phones at the wheel or do not wear seat belts. 

The aim of the DGT is to ensure the safety of drivers by implementing surveillance and control campaigns. These campaigns are designed to ensure that all vehicle occupants, including minors and adults, comply with the use of seat belts and travel safely.

The DGT monitors driving speed and violations committed by drivers, co-drivers, or other passengers using radars to identify offenders. The agency has 780 fixed radars, of which 92 are section radars, and 545 mobile speed control units.

In addition to these, the DGT employs 13 helicopters, 39 drones, 216 cameras, and camouflaged vans to intensify vehicle security surveillance and aerial driving.

Social media has been circulating “tricks” to identify camouflaged vans recently. The DGT has labelled this information as a “hoax”. It was claimed that these vans could be identified by the letters PGC on their license plates, which correspond to Guardia Civil vehicles.

DGT sources have refuted this claim to NIUS and stated that the license plates of these vans are ordinary, like those of regular cars.

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