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Villanueva de Viver fire destroys 4,300 hectares


The continuing Villanueva de Viver fire now threatens the Sierra de Espadán and already covers an area of 50 km

After five days of a forest fire in Villanueva de Viver, the Minister of Justice, Gabriela Bravo, announced this afternoon, Monday, March 27, that 4,300 hectares have been burned within a perimeter of 50 kilometres.

The fire extinguishing operation has been concentrated in the CV-195 (Montán-Montanejos) area to prevent the fire from advancing towards the Serra d’Espadà and to closely monitor the front that is heading towards Fuente La Reina due to a change in the wind.

For now, the ground forces have successfully prevented the flames from affecting any houses in Montán, but the fire still poses a threat to this municipality located in the interior of Castelló. The containment line is being closely monitored to prevent the fire from advancing towards the population centre.

As for the Serra d’Espadà natural park, the Minister of Justice reported that the fire has not yet reached the area and the situation is currently under control. However, the park will continue to be monitored and cooled to prevent any potential reignitions, as the wind could reactivate hot spots at any moment. Despite this, the park is not currently considered the main threat.

In this scenario, he said, the rehousing of the evicted residents has not yet been considered. “We know of your effort, pain and sacrifice, and you have our support and solidarity, but we made these decisions to guarantee, above all, the safety of the neighbours,” she said.

Due to the predicted behaviour of the ongoing forest fire, Torralba del Pinar, Pavías, and Higueras have been placed under a preventive evacuation order. This is in addition to the 1,500 residents who have already been relocated from the municipalities of Fuente de la Reina, Puebla de Arenoso, Montanejos, Montán, Arañuel, and Villanueva de Viver, as well as the districts of Los Calpes, Los Cantos, La Monzona, La Alquería de Montanejos, and La Artejuela.

Furthermore, the presence of smoke in the area has prompted the confinement of Caudiel, and the Minister of Justice, Gabriela Bravo, has expressed a lack of confidence in the town. The forest fire has also left InCirat, in l’Alt Millars, without coverage.

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