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Aliens Land on Levante Beach in Benidorm!


The arrival of the aliens on Levante beach, Benidorm, Spain, caused panic among the locals and tourists from Blackpool!

The people of Benidorm were enjoying a typical day at Levante Beach when three peculiar creatures landed on the shore. The sight of the aliens caused a commotion, and people were initially afraid. But as the aliens approached, the locals realised that the visitors were friendly and curious.

The Beer-Drinking Alien

One of the aliens was fascinated by the food and drinks on Earth and started drinking beer. He had so much beer-because the beer is cheap in Benidorm- that he became dizzy, choked, and passed away. The locals were saddened by the alien’s passing and even held a memorial service to pay their respects.

The Full English-Breakfast-Eating Aliens

The other two aliens were still keen to explore Earth and its food. They ate 20 English breakfasts each and enjoyed it so much that they started to break wind! However, their enjoyment was short-lived as they suddenly inflated like balloons and then exploded, leaving the beachgoers covered in partially digested Full English Breakfasts!

The Tribute to The Drifters

The remaining alien wanted to pay tribute to his fallen comrades in a unique way. He approached the locals and asked if he could use their instruments to perform a song. The alien had been moved by the music of The Drifters and wanted to pay tribute to the legendary music group.

The locals were surprised but happy to oblige. The alien sang “Save the Last Dance for Me,” and the crowd was mesmerised by his beautiful, otherworldly voice. The alien was joined by a group of local musicians, and together, they put on an unforgettable performance that celebrated the power of music and friendship.

The Departure of the Alien

After the tribute, the alien knew that it was time to leave Earth and say goodbye to the people of Benidorm. He thanked the crowd for their hospitality and made his way to his spaceship parked on the beach. The spaceship was like nothing the people of Benidorm had ever seen before as it had full tax, insurance and ITV!

As the spaceship lifted off the ground, the people of Benidorm watched in awe as it disappeared into the clouds. The alien had left Earth, but the memories of his visit would stay with the locals forever- as was the massive bar bill he left!


The arrival of the aliens in Benidorm was a momentous occasion that left an indelible mark on the locals. The beer-drinking and breakfast-eating aliens may have left in an explosive manner, but the tribute to The Drifters was a beautiful moment that brought people together. The departure of the alien was bittersweet, but it left the people of Benidorm with memories that they would cherish forever.

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