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Orihuela Costa announces ‘instant’ NIE availability

Picture of a Spanish NIE card
Picture of a Spanish NIE card. Image: Twitter

Orihuela Costa’s Emergency Centre’s National Police office can now offer virtually instant NIE residence certificates

According to Ángel Luis Muñoz Grau, the Councillor for International Residents, the Orihuela Costa Emergency Centre’s National Police office is now capable of instantly providing NIE and residence certificates for both EU and non-EU community members. This news was announced to the public on April 5.

The Councillor for Modernisation expressed his delight at being able to meet the longstanding demand of foreign residents in Orihuela Costa for local access to immigration services.

The National Police Office has been equipped with the necessary technological resources to make this possible. Previously, these documents took a week to be delivered due to a lack of technical resources, causing inconvenience to clients who had to return after seven days to collect them. Now, with a single appointment, clients can obtain these documents without delay.

“Until recently the National Police didn’t have the technological means necessary to issue these documents instantly, as previously, all applicants had to come back 7 days after submitting their application,” stated García Zafra, the councillor for Modernisation. “Thankfully it is now all in place and they can be issued on the spot.”

To accommodate the expected increase in requests, the National Police presence at the centre has been increased from three to five days a week. “This means that applicants can now have 50 more appointments a week to obtain the documents related to immigration from Orihuela Costa,” said Councillor Ángel Luis Muñoz Grau.

While the Orihuela Costa Emergency Centre’s National Police Office has taken a step forward in providing efficient services to foreign residents, there are still some limitations. The office is currently unable to issue the new TIE (Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero) in Orihuela Costa, as they are not equipped to take fingerprints, which is a necessary requirement for individuals looking to exchange their old green residencia certificate for a TIE. Currently, this service can only be accessed by a trip to the offices in Alicante.

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