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Police officer killed in motorcycle accident

A smashed Guardia Civil motorcycle
The smashed motorcycle. Image: Twitter

A Guardia Civil officer who was working in the traffic division was fatally killed on Monday after a collision with a motorist

53-year-old Francisco Ramón Montes, a dedicated Guardia Civil officer with over 25 years of service, tragically lost his life on Monday, April 10, after being involved in an accident with another vehicle on the CV-415 highway near Turís, Valencia.

Montes was working alongside a sergeant from the same detachment to conduct traffic surveillance during the special Easter Week operation. Despite his colleague driving ahead and Montes being attentive, the accident occurred due to the driver of the car’s prohibited manoeuvre in a continuous line of traffic.

Montes, who lived in Port de Sagunt and did not have any children, was known by his colleagues for his kind and cautious nature during workdays. Unfortunately, the unexpected manoeuvre of the driver resulted in an unavoidable fatal accident. Despite the efforts of two off-duty doctors who were passing by the scene of the accident at the time, they were unable to revive him.

The officer belonged to Detachment A of the Valencia Traffic Subsector. The driver of the car tested negative for alcohol. The cause of the accident is still unknown but is being investigated. This is the second reported fatal accident to occure on Valencian roads during Holy Week.

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