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Bus strikes in Alicante brought forward

Bus strikes in Alicante

An indefinite strike called by the drivers union of the metropolitan buses in Alicante has been brought forward by a week

The CGT, the majority union, has confirmed that the drivers of intercity buses in the L’Alacantí region will begin an indefinite strike on May 15, which was brought forward from the initial date of May 22 due to a lack of agreement between the company and the workers.

Union sources suggest that communication with the competent authorities is already underway, and unless a common point is reached soon, the strike will become a reality, which seems very complicated at this point. The drivers will join the indefinite strike that has been going on for more than a year in the night service.

The strike committee has explained that unless agreed, there could be a total stoppage of the metropolitan transport service next month. Last week, the Labor Inspectorate ratified the mandatory installation of toilets at the head of the lines, and the drivers raised this issue at a meeting with Ximo Puig, where he recognized the need to solve the problem and committed to seeking solutions with the mobility department.

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