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Columbian car thieves arrested in Torrevieja


A criminal gang that swept through Costa Blanca shopping area car parks in Spain have been detained by the Guardia Civil

The Guardia Civil has arrested six Colombian nationals who were operating as a gang in car parks in the shopping area of Torrevieja. The group used a technique called ‘cogotero’, where they swiftly moved between different locations using two cars.

The gang was spotted by two off-duty Guardia Civil officers, who saw three people driving around suspiciously in a car park. One of the gang members broke into a customer’s car while the rest of the gang stayed in the two cars, which were kept running during the robbery. The crew had walkie-talkies to warn them of any problems. However, the off-duty officers had already called for backup, and the gang was arrested before they could move to their next location.

The members of the ‘criminal-clique’ have been charged with five counts of car robbery in San Fulgencio and Torrevieja. The officers seized €4,000, communication devices, and a frequency inhibitor used to disable the central locking system of targeted cars. This allowed them to commit thefts without breaking a window.

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