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Man in Alicante obtained false prescriptions to produce narcotics


A 19-year-old man in Alicante, Spain, repeatedly used fake medical prescriptions to obtain benzodiazepine-type drugs and codeine syrups

A man walks into the pharmacy and presents prescriptions for benzodiazepine-type drugs such as clonazepam and alprazolam and codeine syrups. It is not the first time he has done it and that is why the pharmacist is suspicious since this medication is not common in a 19-year-old boy like him.

This was the beginning of the investigation that led the National Police to the arrest in the city of Alicante of a man who obtained various types of medicines on different occasions using falsified medical prescriptions. The pharmacist himself was the one who reported to the agents that this man appeared periodically at his pharmacy to obtain medicines. Being products for which a prescription is necessary and that are used by many people as recreational drugs, the apothecary found it strange, since it is not usual to prescribe this type of medication to such young people.

In addition, he also found it curious that the prescriptions presented by the young man had been prescribed by a doctor from a clinic located in Madrid, before which he decided to bring these facts to the attention of the Police. fake prescriptions The agents belonging to the Economic and Fiscal Crime Group of the UDEF of Alicante, began an investigation in which they verified that the medical prescriptions presented at the pharmacy by the young man were forged prescriptions, corroborating the pharmacist’s suspicions. In addition, the agents contacted other nearby pharmacies in case the investigator had also acquired medicines in this fraudulent way.

The investigators found two other places where a young man, who matched the characteristics provided by the complainant, had appeared to purchase the same type of medication, although he had not been supplied. At the same time, they managed to contact the doctor who was listed as the prescriber in the falsified prescriptions, who told the agents that he had recently received a visit from the Pharmacy Inspection because of some medicines that were being supplied in different pharmacies whose prescriptions were falsified.

Released awaiting trial Finally, having found all the evidence, the agents began efforts to locate and arrest the alleged perpetrator of the falsification of the prescriptions, who were arrested on charges of document falsification. The 19-year-old detainee was released after a statement was taken from him at the police station, waiting to be summoned to appear in court.

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