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‘Looky-Looky’ not so Lucky Lucky as police in Alicante destroy thousands of fake goods


On May 17th, following numerous complaints from neighbourhood associations, a joint operation was carried out by the National Police and the Local Police in Alicante to address the issue of illegal street vendors in the Colonia Requena neighbourhood in the northern area of Alicante.

In recent weeks, residents had been filing complaints about the illegal street sale of second-hand clothing taking place in the streets of the mentioned neighbourhood.

Some citizens said they were unable to walk safely on the sidewalks due to the presence of these street vendors, which was particularly problematic for older people or those with reduced mobility. The operation took place at 7:00 PM and involved officers from the GOR unit of the North District Police Station, the UPR unit of the Provincial Police Station, and officers from the GOIR, USEC, and Barrios units of the Local Police.

In the end, approximately 50 individuals were identified, and three containers of clothing being sold illegally on Cuarzo Street in the neighbourhood were confiscated by the police.

The clothing was removed by the police and taken to the landfill by the UTE Alicante cleaning company in three containers.

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