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Orange storm alert issued for Alicante


Aemet has issued an Orange storm alert for Alicante on Tuesday and Wednesday with rainfall that could produce up to 100 l/m²

Storm DANA will punish the province this week with rainfall that could drop up to 100 l/m2. This has been announced by the State Meteorology Agency (Aemet), which has activated the orange alert on the southern and inland coast for Tuesday and Wednesday.

According to Aemet, there is a high probability -from 40 to 70%- that locally very strong downpours can occur on the southern and inland coasts that could leave up to 40 l/m2 in 1 hour. The time interval in which the greatest rainfall is expected is between 4.0pm to 12 midnight.

At the moment, on the north coast, the yellow warning is maintained due to possible accumulations of 30 l/m2 in 1 hour. 

Heavy Rainfall Hits Alicante Province, Onil and Castalla Most Affected

Over the past week, a significant portion of the province of Alicante experienced rainfall. The municipality of Onil recorded the highest precipitation with 39.2 litres per square meter, followed closely by Castalla with 38 l/m2. These measurements were collected until 7:00 p.m. on Saturday.

The meteorological phenomenon responsible for these disturbances is known as a cold drop or DANA. It occurs when a mass of cold air encounters a warm air current, resulting in significant atmospheric disruptions, as described by the academic dictionary.

This weather system, currently impacting Alicante province, is expected to move south towards the Strait and the Alborán Sea, coinciding with the formation of a low-pressure system that will drive easterly winds towards the southeast of the peninsula. Until then, intermittent showers will persist, as seen in some areas of the province on Monday, May 22.

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