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International schools Murcia and Alicante go solar


Environmental sustainability has evolved from a mere classroom subject to a paramount priority for numerous educational institutions

Faced with the urgent climate crisis and the motivation instilled by their own students, many schools have taken direct action. One such example is the El Limonar International School, located in Murcia and Villamartín (Vega Baja, Alicante), which belongs to the Cognita Schools group. These schools have adopted a comprehensive protocol of responsible measures from an environmental perspective, incorporating relevant protocols and technology to support their commitment.

Among their noteworthy initiatives is the transition to photovoltaic energy- solar power. Last year, they installed 330 solar panels on the roofs of their facilities in Villamartín (San Miguel de Salinas), Buenavista, and Montevida (Murcia). These panels generate 150,000 kWh annually, resulting in a pollution reduction equivalent to planting 2,000 trees nearby. By transitioning to clean energy, they have successfully prevented 37 tons of CO2 emissions from entering the skies of Alicante province and the Region of Murcia. This measure has not only led to a significant reduction in the electricity bill but has also granted them a considerable degree of energy self-sufficiency throughout the day.

This initiative is not an isolated case. Following an in-depth study conducted internally by a specialized environmental consultancy, the school community expressed sentiments such as concern, sadness, fear, and disappointment regarding climate change. This analysis served as the foundation for an ambitious action plan, which included the establishment of an Ecological Leadership Team. Comprising the directors of the Infant and Primary/Secondary divisions, as well as six staff members, this team has committed itself to empowering students and ensuring their positive contribution in this area.

Students have examined the current waste situation and provided recommendations for waste reduction and improved recycling. For instance, the Infant and Primary Eco Team proposed banning the use of glitter throughout the school, promoting double-sided paper usage, minimizing plastic wrap, and adopting measures like using reusable bottles, and lunch boxes instead of wrappers, and strategically placing numerous recycling containers. By mid-June, the schools aim to reduce total waste by at least 50%.

Furthermore, every quarter, they collect 300 kilograms of plastic caps, which they donate to SEUR’s “Cap for a New Life” foundation. The foundation converts these caps into funds for childhood disease research. Pedro Rodríguez, the coordinator of this initiative at ELIS Murcia, provided this information.

Additionally, throughout the academic year, the schools organize clean-up expeditions in natural areas such as forests and nearby beaches like Cabo de Palos and the surroundings of El Valle Perdido. The objective is to collect as much waste as possible, often collaborating with local NGOs in the process.

🌞 Harnessing the Power of the Sun 🌞

Did you know that solar energy is more than just a sustainable alternative to traditional power sources? It offers a plethora of benefits for both the environment and our wallets! Here are a few reasons why solar energy is a game-changer:

1️⃣ Clean and Renewable: Solar energy is a clean source of power that produces zero greenhouse gas emissions. By harnessing the sun’s energy, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint and combat climate change.

2️⃣ Lower Electricity Bills: Installing solar panels allows you to generate your own electricity, reducing your reliance on the grid. This means substantial savings on your monthly electricity bills!

3️⃣ Long-Term Investment: Investing in solar energy provides long-term benefits. Once you’ve installed solar panels, they require minimal maintenance and have a lifespan of 25-30 years. It’s a smart investment that pays off over time.

4️⃣ Energy Independence: With solar energy, you become more self-reliant. You’re no longer at the mercy of utility companies or fluctuating energy prices. Enjoy the freedom of generating your own clean power!

5️⃣ Job Creation: The solar industry creates jobs, supporting local economies and fostering sustainable growth. By embracing solar energy, we contribute to job creation and a more resilient workforce.

Join the solar revolution today! Let’s embrace this abundant, clean, and renewable energy source to power a greener and brighter future for generations to come. 🌎💚

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