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Counterfeit Banknote Scam in Almeria Busted


Police Arrest Fraud Ring Leader Involved in Counterfeit Banknote Scam

Authorities were alerted to a fraud attempt by a well-known bank in the capital of Almería, where an agricultural machinery company from Catalonia tried to cash a forged promissory note. The culprit, a woman with a history of forgery, has now been apprehended by the National Police. She successfully passed several counterfeit promissory notes at various banks in Almería.

Following the money trail, the Anti-Money Laundering Unit of the Provincial Police of Almería discovered that immediately after cashing the promissory note, the funds were transferred multiple times to different accounts using a combination of online and in-person transactions. This elaborate scheme was employed to hinder the tracing of the misappropriated funds.

Eventually, the defrauded funds were withdrawn in cash from the bank account where they had ended up, which intriguingly was connected to a similar investigation where the Mossos D’Esquadra had sought the collaboration of the National Police in Almería.

Through meticulous investigations, both cases were successfully solved. The total amount of fraud exceeded 65,000 euros. In addition to the main suspect, who had a criminal record including charges of homicide, illegal possession of firearms, domestic violence, and a crime against road safety, three other men who collaborated in circulating the fraudulently obtained funds were also apprehended.

Unable to provide evidence of any legitimate economic activity justifying their substantial income, the arrested individuals face charges of document forgery, fraud, and money laundering. They were presented before the Almería Court of Investigation No. 5, which ordered provisional imprisonment for the mastermind of the scheme.

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