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Cops out in force for ‘Operation Summer’


The Guardia Civil in Alicante has enlisted 85 new offers, including 21 women, to help during ‘Operation Summer’ in the province of Alicante

This measure aims to provide enhanced security in response to the influx of tourists. Two foreign police agents, one from Germany and one from France, will also collaborate in this special operation.

Operational from July 1 to August 31, ‘Operation Summer 2023’ is a Ministry of the Interior initiative led by the Secretary of State for Security. It complements the efforts of the ‘Safe Tourism Plan’ and ‘Operation Crossing the Strait’ by focusing on preventing crimes that may impact both national and international travellers visiting various tourist destinations in our territory.

The event took place at the offices of the Maritime Service of the Guardia Civil in the Alicante West Dock, with the presence of esteemed officials including Pilar Bernabé García, the Government delegate in the Valencian Community, Carlos Sánchez Heras, the sub-delegate of the Government in Alicante, and Colonel José Hernández Mosquera, in charge of the Alicante Command.

Colonel José Hernández Mosquera initiated the event, emphasizing the significance of this deployment, which primarily aims to enhance citizen security in the province of Alicante and promote tourism during these peak months. He extended his best wishes for luck and professional success to the new agents, emphasizing their crucial role as support for the citizen security prevention units and the backbone of Operation Verano reinforcements.

Addressing the challenges faced by the State Security Forces and Corps, the Government delegate highlighted cybercrime, hate crimes, and gender violence as major concerns. Regarding gender violence, Bernabé asserted its existence and the necessity to acknowledge and confront it, just as the Civil Guard and National Police do.

Before the conclusion of the event, the Government delegate in the Valencian Community and Colonel José Hernández Mosquera personally greeted the new agents and the reinforcements, who will be stationed throughout the province as part of the operation.

The student guards have completed their training at the Guardia Civil’s centres in Baeza (Jaén) and the Young Guards College of Valdemoro (Madrid). Assigned to various positions across the province since last Monday, they will undergo practical training for a period of one year, contributing to Citizen Security under the guidance of the Benemérita.

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