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Rampaging Bull In Valencia Hospitalises 74-Year-Old Woman


Almàssera (Valencia), Jul 15- An elderly woman from Almàssera (Valencia) is in “critical condition” after being hit by a heifer that had broken through the barrier of the enclosure where a bullfighting celebration was being held. The woman was dealt a serious blow to the head in the incident.

The animal had recently arrived in the municipality from the neighbouring town of Tavernes Blanques.

The event occurred in the afternoon of Saturday, July 15, when the heifer escaped from the enclosure after going on a rampage through a street that connects the town with Almàssera, it began to run through the town, at which time it rammed into the 74-year-old woman.

The heifer was eventually trapped by being cornered up in a fenced orchard near the Almàssera cemetery where the organizers of the celebration with the help of police officers from Almàssera and Tavernes Blanques managed to capture it.

The woman, who remains in critical condition, was transferred to the Hospital Clínico de València, according to sources, who stated that the Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Guardia Civil has taken charge of the matter.

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