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One Person Killed in Mérida Plane Crash

Mérida Plane Crash
Guardia Civil teams at the place where the plane crashed. Photo courtesy of J.M. ROMERO

A plane disaster that occurred in Merida- the capital of western Spain’s Extremadura region- has claimed the life of a man

Between Carija and the region of Royanejos, on the exclusive estate Cuarto de la Charca, the incident took place. Between the A-5 freeway, the shooting range, and the flying club is a holm oak forest. It is a grassland with steep terrain. The aircraft crashed on an agricultural mound next to a road. The Guardia Civil received the notification of the incident around midday on Monday.

Sources from the Guardia Civil have confirmed that the aircraft departed Salamanca and was headed for the airfield in Mérida. The emergency services discovered the charred body of a person inside the aircraft. Forensic examinations are currently being made to identify him.

Luis Lechón, from the Royanejos Aerodrome, explained that the accident occurred on Monday, July 24, but they found the man burned in his small plane on a private farm near the aerodrome on Tuesday. It was from the farm that they called the Guardia Civil and intervention protocol began.

A Guardia Civil Judicial Police team has taken charge of the investigation and the cause of the accident is currently unknown. In addition to members of the Benemérita, firefighters from the Cpei, agents of the National Police and an ambulance from the SES travelled to the scene of the accident.

Where else could the pilot have landed?

Mérida, Spain, does not have any private airfields specifically within the city itself. However, there are several nearby airports and airfields that cater to private aviation:

  1. Badajoz Airport (BJZ): Located approximately 40 kilometres south of Mérida, Badajoz Airport serves the region and can accommodate private aircraft.
  2. Talavera la Real Air Base: Also known as Base Aérea de Talavera la Real, it is situated near Badajoz Airport and may have facilities for private aviation on certain occasions.
  3. Seville Airport (SVQ): About 200 kilometres south of Mérida, Seville Airport is a major airport in the region and has facilities for private aircraft.
  4. Córdoba Airport (ODB): Situated around 240 kilometres southwest of Mérida, Córdoba Airport is another airport that can accommodate private flights.

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