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2 tons of hashish? Now THATS A Party!

hashish Girona France

Police in Gerona, North Eastern Spain, seized over 2 tons of hashish stashed in a lorry bound for France

The Guardia Civil has intercepted a consignment of 1,986 kilos of hashish distributed in 51 bales inside a truck in a service area of ​​the AP-7 in Garrigas, Girona.

The agents arrested the driver of the truck for an alleged crime against public health when he was going to France. The agents were in a service area of ​​the AP-7 in Garrigas when they identified the driver of a truck with a trailer and a French license plate that was parked.

Pictured above: During the inspection of the trailer, the investigators discovered 51 bales of hashish inside, weighing 1,986 kilograms. This action is part of the work to prevent the illicit trafficking of narcotic substances in the province of Girona and is the largest seizure of hashish carried out in road transport so far in 2023.

The proceedings, the seized drugs and the detainee were placed at the disposal of the Acting Investigating Court of Guardia de Figueres, and his entry into prison without bail was ordered.

Police are still investigating the case and further arrests have not been ruled out.

Did you know that the French are European champions in smoking ‘le reefer’? In fact, 11% of French people aged 18 to 64 have used cannabis in the previous 12 months. That’s more than anywhere else in Europe — although Spain and Monaco (both 10.5%), Italy and Croatia (both 10.2%), and the Netherlands (10.1%) come pretty close.

Those high numbers are in remarkable contrast to some of the continent’s lowest results, mainly in Eastern Europe. Barely 1 in 100 Turks, Kosovans, and Hungarians had used cannabis in the previous 12 months, with Serbians, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Lithuanians, and Greeks also reporting results below 3%.

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