Home NEWS Tragedy strikes L’Alcúdia: 31-year-old man dies in house fire

Tragedy strikes L’Alcúdia: 31-year-old man dies in house fire

Tragedy strikes L'Alcúdia

A tragic accident led to the death of a young man in L’Alcúdia after the garage he converted into a home caught fire

A young man (31) died when his house caught fire in l’Alcúdia, Valencia. The emergency services rescued his girlfriend who was suffering from smoke inhalation. The fire, which also claimed the lives of the couple’s two dogs, started in the garage that they had converted into a home.

The fire occurred shortly after 2 in the morning when a neighbour alerted 112 that smoke was coming out of the property. The Emergency Center immediately alerted firefighters from Alzira Park who, upon arrival, found a ground-floor window broken and signs of blood splatter, as well as a large amount of smoke.

They entered and, despite the bad lighting, discovered a young man, face-down body in a pool of blood with no indications of life. It appears from the sources studied that his attempt to break the glass may have resulted in an explosion. The young man’s girlfriend ( in her thirties) was discovered on the room’s floor by firefighters. The young lady displayed signs of smoke intoxication, but she was still breathing and was given assistance until a SAMU arrived. Additionally, two medium-sized dogs were discovered within the garage dead from suffocation.

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