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British Woman Stabbed to Death on Spain’s Costa Blanca


A 76-year-old British woman has been stabbed to death on Spain’s Costa Blanca- allegedly by her 82-year-old Norwegian partner

The suspected assailant, her 82-year-old Norwegian partner, has been apprehended by authorities on suspicion of the heinous act at their residence in Orihuela, as confirmed by a spokesperson for the Guardia Civil.

The alarm was raised at 7:40 am, signaling a possible domestic violence incident at the property in Orihuela Costa, ultimately resulting in the tragic demise of the victim. The wounds observed on the victim pointed to a violent attack involving a bladed weapon.

The couple believed to have shared the residence, had a relationship status that remains unclear at this point, whether they were married or not.

A friend of the couple reportedly alerted the Guardia Civil about the distressing event. An unverified report suggests that the friend had gone to the property at the request of the arrested man, potentially to assist him in surrendering to the authorities.

According to sources close to the investigation, the incident leading to the British woman’s death occurred during the early hours of the morning. Detectives revealed that there were no prior records of problems or conflicts between the alleged aggressor and the victim.

This unfortunate event echoes a previous incident in March, where another British woman was found dead with stab wounds in her home in Orihuela Costa. Her 69-year-old husband, also presumed to be British, was arrested as he attempted to flee the scene. Reports indicated that the suspect had previously been accused of domestic violence in 2019, two years after the couple had relocated to Spain.

These distressing incidents underscore the critical importance of addressing domestic violence and reinforcing efforts to provide support and protection to those affected. Authorities continue their investigations to unravel the circumstances surrounding this tragic event and bring justice to the victim.

The community remains in shock and mourns the loss of another life due to such a senseless act of violence. We extend our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the victim during this difficult time.

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