Home NEWS The heat threatens the agricultural harvest

The heat threatens the agricultural harvest


The very high temperatures combined with very little rainfall threaten the agricultural harvest.

Among other things, the drought results in a smaller harvest of grapes. In several places they are already harvesting the grapes, which is about 3 weeks earlier than usual. The drought and heat have ripened the grapes early, and many of the grapes are too small and dry, and cannot be used. In addition, agriculture, like the rest of the population, suffers from high energy prices and increased inflation, writes Informacion.

Wine production in Alicante Province is expected to fall by 10 percent compared to the average.
However, the producers take comfort in the fact that it promises to be a good vintage. Thus, the smaller quantity can be partially offset by higher prices.

Other parts of agriculture have the same challenges. Feed for the animals has become more expensive, the fuel for their machines has increased dramatically and, on the whole, the costs of agriculture have increased a lot – as is the case for many industries.

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