Home NEWS Clocks go back 1 hour this Sunday in Spain

Clocks go back 1 hour this Sunday in Spain

Clocks go back by one hour at 3am on Sunday, October 30 on the Spanish mainland

The Canary Islands, which are always one hour behind the mainland, change their clocks at 2am. The winter schedule will be in effect until March 2022, when the clock is moved one hour ahead for the spring months.

Spain has been running on standard Central European Time (CET) zone since 1942 when Spanish dictator, Francisco Franco, supposedly turned the clocks forward in solidarity with his allies, Nazi Germany.

The EU Directive 200/84CE, which also specifies that the clocks will advance once more in late March, includes a change to the hour. The purpose of this requirement, which is mandatory in all EU nations, is to conserve energy and maximize the use of daylight.

The European Commission claimed in 1999 that the measure is helpful for industries including transportation and communications as well as for workplace conditions, health, tourism, and leisure.

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