Home NEWS Couple left 6-month-old baby in hotel room to go for dinner!

Couple left 6-month-old baby in hotel room to go for dinner!

The National Police in Malaga arrested the couple. Image: Wikimedia Commons

A couple staying at a hotel in Malaga Spain allegedly left the baby boy to go for dinner in the capital

According to a report from the Spanish periodical ABC, a couple from the Netherlands have been arrested by the National Police in Malaga for the crime of abandonment of a minor.

Sources familiar with the case say that either an employee or someone that knows the couple alerted the police. On arrival at the scene, the police discovered the 6-month-old baby alone and unattended.

Police reported there was some kind of device left placed next to the child similar to a baby alert/child monitoring system which would allow the couple to view or hear any activity.

At the moment this is all the information available on the case. Please check back soon for any updates on the matter.

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