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Torremolinos beach bar totally consumed by fire

Image: Twitter

The Kokun Ocean Club beach bar, located on the Torremolinos promenade (Málaga), has been completely burned down after a fire that took place during the early hours of Thursday, November 17.

At 00:32 am a phone call alerted the 112 emergency services and the local police to the fire that had been started in the Los Álamos area. Three fire crews with a total of 12 professional firefighters were immediately mobilised- doubling the number on an ordinary shift- as reported by the town council through a statement.

“We mobilised all the crews and we were working for three or three and a half hours until it was extinguished,” said Alfonso Ric, the Torremolinos fire chief. Local and National Police intervened in the incident, cutting off traffic and activating security measures, while the Litosa cleaning company supported the actions with several vats of water for extinguishment.

According to sources from the 112 services, the fire was extinguished around 06:30, “although an hour later a crew of firefighters came to the scene to cool the area and work to ensure that the entire platform remained wet”.  There is no record of injuries.

The place has been left barren since the building was almost totally made of wood. The structure of iron and PVP and most of the furniture and decoration were made of flammable material.

The cause of the fire in the beach bar, which was closed at the time of the incident, is being investigated by the National Police.

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