Home NEWS Average price of electricity in Spain surges by almost 40%!

Average price of electricity in Spain surges by almost 40%!

Average price of electricity

The average price of electricity in Spain has surged by 39% today, Tuesday, November 29

Compared to Monday, November 28, it will stand at €149.9/MWh. According to the provisional data of the Iberian Energy Market Operator (OMIE), the average price of energy in the wholesale market, (termed the pool), will stand at €121.54/MWh tomorrow, Wednesday, November 30.

Electricity price levels have varied greatly over the past few months. However, this latest rise has caused much concern across the expat communities in Spain. British pensioners and retirees are already reeling from the effects of high inflation and food prices.

Switch to LED to save money

LED bulbs and fixtures provide a significant energy saving of 70% on average. In addition, these durable light sources last for years, resulting in a reduction in maintenance and replacement costs. As a result, you benefit from a short payback period. LED lighting has many more advantages that can positively influence your home and business premises.

Time to switch to solar power?

Solar power installations are now- more than ever- a cost-effective and safe alternative for commercial and domestic consumers. Please check back on the site for an upcoming full and in-depth report on solar power solutions available in Spain.

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