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Spain to announce price controls on food by December

Spain announces
Food prices in Spain have risen greatly over the past year. Image: Pixabay

The Spanish government has announced plans to control spiraling food prices that are causing hardship through inflationary costs

Spain’s President, Pedro Sanchez, will present a fresh set of policies to combat the rising cost of food at the end of this month. The president made the announcement while meeting with journalists outside the Congress of Deputies on Tuesday, December 6, during the Constitution Day ceremonies,

The President emphasized that while many of the current policies will be maintained, some “extremely ambitious” new policies, such as those to control food prices, would also be implemented.

There has been a lot of worry and concern about the rising cost of a shopping baskets since the middle of 2022. In reality, the consumer price index (CPI) for food increased significantly to double digits in April of this year and has since maintained that level.

According to the inflation data for the month of October, food prices have continued to rise and have increased by 15.4 percent compared to this time last year- the largest jump since the beginning of January back in 1994.

Vice president Yolanda Diaz said: “Food prices are making everyday life difficult for families. Neither the large distributors nor anyone else can show indifference.”

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