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Lawyer among nine arrested over work contracts and Social Security fraud

Police have arrested nine people, including five businessmen and a lawyer, who were allegedly involved in a series of social security and work permit frauds

The police operation began after an anonymous tip-off accused the owner of a consultancy in the Spanish city of Alicante of defrauding foreigners who were caught in a vulnerable situation. 

A Moroccan woman, working as a consultant, was the one who recruited the clients to whom she promised work contracts- one of the main requirements necessary to obtain a Spanish residence permit.

According to Police, once the counselling appointment had been made, victims were asked for money in advance. Clients paid between 5,000 and 9,000 euros for the procedures.

The person in charge of the consultancy contacted several businessmen who colluded in the fraud by offering to make false job offers. In addition, when the documentation was sent to the Alicante foreign office to be processed, it was intentionally sent by the advisory with errors so that the applications were rejected.

Several victims told investigating officers that when they went to complain to the consultant, they were advised not to report the facts to the Police, arguing that if they did, they would be expelled from the country and would never be able to obtain their residence permit.

All the detainees were presented to the main court in Alicante. Please check back soon for more information.

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