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Málaga-Madrid AVE begins Pet-Friendly Service

Spanish rail operator Renfe is to allow dogs up to 40 kilos to travel on the Málaga-Madrid AVE

Renfe has included the Madrid-Málaga AVE trains in a pilot test that will allow dogs weighing up to 40 kilograms to travel with their owners this week.

According to a statement from the operator, from now until next May, customers will be able to purchase a ticket for their pets on the AVE. Departure times from Madrid are at 08:25 and 18:30 and from Malaga at 06:28 and 16:58.

This pilot project began on AVE trains on the Madrid-Barcelona line in September 2021. The trial is now being extended, also as a test, to four AVE trains on the Madrid-Malaga connection.

The ‘Pet Friendly’ trains marked with a warning already appear on the Renfe sales website.

Pet food producer Nestlé Purina has advised Renfe with a travel guide. The guide outlines good practices so that customers and their pets can travel on board the trains in the most pleasant way. It is intended to ensure the well-being of the animal during the journey.

For example, Nestlé advises bringing their own blanket and toy ( without sound), avoiding feeding them for the first three hours before the trip to prevent dizziness, and walking them for a long time before the trip so they will relax.

Conditions for travel

Each pet travels with its own ticket, priced at 35 euros. The customer can purchase as a supplement when getting their own ticket. The Pet-Friendly service can be purchased up to 24 hours before the trip.

One “big” dog per traveller will be allowed, with a maximum of two “big” dogs per train. The animal will be placed in a single car and always in a fixed space with two pre-determined seats.

Before boarding the train, the client must go to the Renfe AVE service center in Atocha or at the María Zambrano station in Málaga at least 40 minutes in advance for the health documentation and the signed responsible declaration.

Renfe will provide the customer with a cover and mat for the pet’s seat. The owner must bring a cleaning kit made up of hygienic bags, wipes and disinfectant, and anti-odour spray.

During the trip, the dog must always wear a muzzle and be tethered securely to the assigned seat. It must remain there throughout the journey, without moving around the car or platforms.

These travel conditions do not apply to blind dogs or pets weighing less than ten kilograms. These animals will continue to be subject to the usual commercial regulations, which can be consulted on the renfe.com website. 

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