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Torremolinos bans the use of fireworks

Torremolinos Town Hall has prohibited the use of fireworks to protect a variety of vulnerable social groups

Torremolinos, a municipality in the province of Malaga, Spain, has prohibited the use of fireworks with the aim of protecting minors with autism spectrum disorder, babies, the elderly, and pets, who are affected by the noise caused by this type of activity.

Specifically, the bill (passed in 2019) has been resurrected to guarantee the safety and tranquility of children with autism spectrum disorder, babies, the elderly and animals in the urban environment, and, in general, neighbours and visitors.

Therefore, unless expressly authorised by the City Council, it is forbidden to carry sparklers, shoot firecrackers, rockets, and all kinds of pyrotechnic items that can cause noise, fire, or distress.

The proclamation warns of the sanctions for this purpose contained in the municipal ordinance of the Pyrotechnic Articles and Cartridges Regulation, which lays out the financial penalties, as well as the seizure of the material that is the object of the infringement, the suspension of the activity or even the closure of the establishment.

Punta Umbría

The City Council of Punta Umbría (Huelva) has also issued an Edict in which it prohibits the sale and launching of pyrotechnic products in the municipality, except for professionals in the field. As stated in the proclamation issued by the council, non-compliance could imply economic sanctions of between 100 and 90,151 euros.

As reported by the City Council in a press release, the objective of this measure is “to combine the celebration of the Christmas holidays with the safety of people, goods, and animals”.


The Plenary of Valencina de la Concepción (Seville) has approved a motion to prohibit firecrackers and bangers in the entire municipality. This will have to be incorporated into the acoustic ordinance. The motion prohibits the use, commercialisation, collection, and sale to the public of such items.

Fireworks are left out of this law since these will be allowed if they are controlled in a ‘light way’.

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